Vacuum Cleaners

Quick and efficent repairs at affordable prices

Repairs done same day in store

Vacuum cleaners wouldn't be on the top of the list if you asked someone what they thought the most important appliance was in their home. However, when they break down they are still the cause of a huge inconvenience. If your vacuum cleaner is giving you problems don't put up with it any longer, bring it into the store today for our engineers to give you a free estimate.

We repair all top brands – and repairing your vacuum cleaner could work out a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one

Vacuuming the house is a chore that doesn’t need any extra problems – but if you your vacuum cleaner is on the blink you’ll need the help of Direct Supplies. Whether it’s a problem with the motors, valves or belts, we know how frustrating a faulty appliance can be.